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Hello loves! We are so excited this week! We just launched our new collection which offers not only my patented zipper headbands but also an jewelry inspired collection called Pink Label. We are also excited for you guys and dolls to meet Jen Jeffery from House of Jeffers. This girl has awesome style and is a total sweetheart. I have been in her company before and she is such a doll who puts her outfits together beautifully! She is definitely gla.MAR.ous™ APPROVED by us! Get to know Jen more by reading our interview with her below!

About Jen

Hey all! My name is Jen, and I’m at the helm of the blog House Of Jeffers ( Focusing on personal style and achieving high-end looks for less, I chronicle my own brand of style – all from the perspective of a New Jersey blogger with great bangs. Yes, I dig my bangs. I’m definitely a person who loves to laugh and believes there’s always a time to be a little bit quirky and out there – and I think that’s my motto for fashion as well. My life has had a lot of unconventionalness to it, and I truly believe in doing things your own way and always staying outside the lines. It’s a lot more fun that way…

What inspired you to start House of Jeffers?
Writing was my main motivation. I studied Journalism at Rutgers University, and have been very fortunate to be able to actually write for a living. The blog came about when people started asking why I didn’t have a blog being that writing was always such a huge part of my life. So, I figured why not combine my love for fashion and writing – and cross my fingers that someone would read it.

.What is your must have item at the moment?
Oh geez – this is really hard as I’m currently on a self-imposed shopping ban. I’ve been hawkishly coveting Jeffrey Campell’s El Carmen. (

. When you visit what is your personal favorite piece and why? (can be accessories or clothing)
I’m a huge accessories gal, so the headbands are definitely my favorite! In particular, Bebi Bow and Alina are adorable and uber chic. I have a hard time keeping a headband in place, so the idea that there’s one that won’t slip and is adjustable, is genius!

. Where do you see House of Jeffers in 5 years? What are your goals?
I hope to see House Of Jeffers continue to grow in readers and content. When I started the blog, I didn’t know the potential of what it could be and how blogging would lead me across the paths of other bloggers, who are now my friends. I’m just grateful that people read it, and if they find it entertaining, that alone is a goal. I work full time but dream of this being a full-time gig… Working with brands, or just being able to share my enthusiasm for fashion with others. Just think Carrie Bradshaw meets Lois Lane – that’s where I’d like to be. Have a great closet, with a good looking main squeeze (in this case, my British hubby) and a killer job being known as the first New Jersey fashion blogger… with great bangs.

. Where do you get your personal style from?
My style is a mixture of feminine pieces with rock n’ roll flair. I have way to much black and striped items in my closet and love dressing in a way that lets me be uber girly, but with slight nerd and hipster (in a good way) tendencies. Music is a huge influence on my style and I draw a lot of inspiration from the 70s, pop art and bold prints. Debbie Harry and Audrey Hepburn are my ultimate style icons… Take Debbie’s rockstar edginess and Audrey’s feminine flair and those are the main components I try to inflect into my clothing choices. For me, unconventional beauty is what draws me toward clothing. I love finding things that are truly unique – and perhaps being a little out there at times.
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